Testimonials from our Wound Care Patients:

Edner Pierre, 70 Y/O male.

Seen in Hauppauge Wound Care Center for non-healing bilateral diabetic foot ulcers.

“After my surgery I went to the Wound Care & Hyperbaric center in Hauppauge 3 days a week for 6 months under the care of Dr. LaRosa and Dr. Fanelli. In the beginning I was so fearful and apprehensive, but the staff, every single one, were so friendly and professional that they made me feel comfortable.

They took the time to get to know me and after a few visits, I didn’t feel like a patient, I felt like a friend. If not for these doctors I’m sure I would have lost my leg. They lifted my spirits and made me heal sooner.

Dr. Larosa was the best, he pushed me and lifted me up so that I didn’t feel like a victim. We laughed together and even cried together. Towards the end of my treatments, when I walked in without my cane and wearing shoes for the first time in 8 months, they all cheered for me.

I’ve already referred my friend and would highly recommend them to anyone. If not for them I’m certain I could have lost my leg. Now I’m walking like everyone else.”


Sam Markoff, 59 Y/O male

Seen in Patchogue Wound Care Center for a non-healing chronic diabetic foot ulcer.

“I was referred to the Wound care & Hyperbaric Center in Patchogue after being treated at Long Island Community Hospital for an infected foot by Dr. Ravi Pulipati. They took me in right away. From the receptionist to the technicians, doctors and nursing staff, they were phenomenal. They saved my foot.

Dr. Ed Kormylo was my saving grace. He explained everything about my treatment and procedures. He even showed me how the chambers work. Every visit the staff would greet me and say “how you doing?”

The nursing staff relieved my pain both day and night. I am very blessed to have met them all and would highly recommend the center especially for those who are apprehensive or scared.”


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