We applaud the efforts of our friends and supporters whose generosity helped keep our frontline Courageous Hearts safe in their heroic fight to protect our community

2020 has been a year that has challenged us all like no other. In past years we’ve been able to enjoy beautifully crafted events to commemorate our milestones together while sharing all of the positive happenings of the year with those most important to our hospital family. COVID-19 required us to change course and either cancel or modify our fundraising events in order to keep everyone safe.

As our frontline healthcare heroes met the virus head-on, we felt your Courageous Hearts join with ours as your generosity also saved lives, providing the necessary protective supplies for our staff, along with the equipment and resources we needed for our patients.

You are truly the Heroes of our Heroes. We applaud you for your efforts and hope you understand the incredible impact you have made on all of us. Our entire LI Community Hospital family thanks you for all you do.