Room & Board Rates:

Semi-private room$4082 per day
ICU room$5382 per day
Psychiatric room$3341 per day

Operating Room Rates:

1 Hour$4432
1 ½ hours$5173
2 Hours$5916
2 ½ Hours$6286
3 Hours$6657

Emergency Room Rates:

Level 1 evaluation$1824
Level 2 evaluation$2055
Level 3 evaluation$2323.50
Level 4 evaluation$2590.50
Level 5 evaluation$2683.50

**The above are the hospital charges – Hospital will accept Reasonable and Customary Reimbursement rates from uninsured individuals**
***Physician services provided in the hospital are NOT included in the hospital charges***

If you have questions regarding charges, please contact our Patient Financial Services department at 631.654.7130 or 631.654.7140.