We help you live safely in the community we all call home.

Long Island Community Hospital’s Certified Home Health Agency provides a full range of coordinated healthcare and social services to patients and their families in their homes in Suffolk County.

Home Care Program services may be covered by a patient’s Managed Care Plan, Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance as long as the Home Health Agency has a contract with that company. For more information, call us at 631.758.3600.

For patients with a limited life expectancy, Long Island Community Hospital also offers a compassionate Hospice program at home or in a contracted skilled nursing facility. To find out more about Hospice, call 631.687.2960.

Certified Home Health Agency

Certified Home Health Care is a cost-effective, successful means of providing high-quality healthcare services. The need for service will be determined by the patient’s physician, in consultation with the professional nurse coordinator, the patient and the family. These services bring to your home the same professional care you receive at the hospital.

These services may:

  • Shorten or prevent an inpatient stay in the hospital.
  • Provide a smooth transition from the hospital to the home.
  • Prevent or delay placement in a nursing facility.
  • Help reduce the stress on the patient and family.

Home Care makes it possible for patients to continue their recuperation at home with the availability of services provided by skilled professionals. It is also available to individuals who have not been recently hospitalized if they still meet the eligibility criteria.

Depending on the patient’s needs and the criteria of their insurance company, skilled services are available up to seven days a week and may include:

  • Nursing on an intermittent basis
  • Psychiatric nursing
  • Medical social work
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Certified Home Health Aides (only in conjunction with skilled care)

To be eligible for Long Island Community Hospital Certified Home Health Care, the patient must:

  • Reside in Suffolk County when the services are provided.
  • Be essentially homebound and have needs that can be managed within the scope of the services offered. Criteria may vary depending on insurance.
  • Continue to remain under a physician’s care who provides medical supervision during the time the services are provided.
  • Live in a residence that is suitable for appropriate, professional health management at home.

For more information about the Certified Home Health Program or to contact a Registered Nurse, call 631.758.3600.