Volunteers at Long Island Community Hospital

Our volunteers provide a wide range of services that support and assist patients and their families at Long Island Community Hospital and throughout the community.

Volunteers manage and staff our gift shop, provide patient transporting, support Guest Services, deliver patient mail and provide a host of services for the Hospital that might not otherwise be available.

Our volunteer programs include:

•  Concierge Hospitality Greeter Program- A hospitality approach in line with the
organizations goal in becoming a leader of industry as it relates to the Patient/ Guest
experience, we will now welcome each Guest , inclusive of; our Patients, Visitors,
Vendors and Employees with a “greeter” in the main lobby (main Entrance).

The program is designed to add an amenity of hospitality to provide a service which offers
comfort, thus lessening the anxiety of an already concerned guest.  The ultimate goal is to
influence and improve the Human experience by anticipating and exceeding the
customer’s needs which is in alignment with the goals for the organization.

  • The Ambassador Program- Established to provide a link between patients, visitors, families and staff, this program is staffed by our volunteers. Volunteers attend an intensive training program focusing on communications skills and procedures in the Emergency Department and Surgical Departments. They are then assigned to keep patients and families informed on the status of a patient’s progress, facilitating the flow of information vital to the therapeutic process. The Ambassador Program is an excellent, innovative program impacting Patient/Family Education, Performance Improvement, Human Resources, Patient Rights, Leadership and, most of all, Continuum of Care. It consists of informed, uniformed, oriented, caring volunteers in the Emergency Department and Operating Room areas, providing a link between patients’ families and their loved ones undergoing treatment within these units.
  • Pastoral Care. The deep sense of faith in our patients and staff has led to the creation of highly effective Pastoral Care program. Utilizing skilled volunteers, local clergy and Hospital Chaplains, this program offers our patients the opportunity to meet their spiritual and emotional needs on a daily basis.
  • Junior Volunteer Program. Open to students age 14 and up, our junior volunteers are vital to the Hospital, helping with everything from clerical, Guest Services and gift shop duties to providing comfort care to patients on the nursing units. Scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors.

The volunteers at Long Island Community Hospital are very much appreciated.  Many of the patient support services at Long Island Community Hospital are provided through the generosity of community members who volunteer their time. They find they get back more than they give too. It is a great way to get involved, and the reward is a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that you have made a difference.

If you have a few hours a week to spare and would like to spend your time working in a warm and caring environment, then Long Island Community Hospital is the place for you.

For more information, call 631.654.7737. 

Other Opportunities

Beyond our in-hospital volunteer opportunities, Long Island Community Hospital also offers caring individuals the chance to donate their time to:

  • Hospice: Individuals who are interested in providing companionship for patients in Hospice or support to families with loved ones in Hospice are encouraged to contact our Hospice program at 631.687.2960.