As A Volunteer You Can Be A Member Of Our Care Team

At Long Island Community Hospital, volunteers are true members of our care team, central to the success of our hospital and essential in the delivery of quality, compassionate, and safe care for our patients.

We offer both clinical and non-clinical ways to contribute to our community by volunteering your time. Volunteers provide extensive services throughout the hospital seven days a week. Our hospital volunteers are appreciated, valued, and depended on. Many find their work to be challenging and rewarding, mentally stimulating, and performed in a friendly, social, and accepting atmosphere. As a Long Islander helping your fellow Long Islanders, you can make a difference in the health of your own community.

Here are a few of our many volunteer opportunities

Our volunteers are a vital link between patients, families, and staff facilitating the flow of information and keeping families informed of their loved one’s progress. Volunteers are central to the team in the Emergency Department and Knapp Cardiac Care and ambulatory surgery centers. Our volunteers received extensive training, including communications skills, and understanding common procedures. During your volunteer shift, you’ll be assigned patients and will provide regular status updates to patients and their families. Ensuring the flow of information is vital to patient care.

Join the Concierge / Hospitality / Greeter Team

Patient and Guest Experience is a priority at Long Island Community Hospital. In our concierge and hospitality program, we seek to exceed expectations for our patients, families, and visitors. As part of the concierge and hospitality team, you’ll provide added amenities around the patient experience ultimately helping to increase comfort and lessen anxiety for our patients and guests. As part of the greeter team, you’ll be stationed in our main lobby (main hospital entrance at our front desk) welcoming patients, families, and visitors and providing information and directions. Our volunteers also act as patient representatives, providing a deep connection with our community to ensure that patients and families are comfortable, through empathy and caring.

Provide Pastoral Care

Volunteers support our patients’ spiritual and emotional needs. Local clergy, hospital chaplains, and trained volunteers are available for patients and families to guide and support people of all faiths. As a pastoral care volunteer, you’ll round on patients, checking in and taking the time to listen and engage.

Are you in high school or college? Join our Junior Volunteers!

For students ages 16 to 18, our junior volunteers are essential to the hospital and gain great experience at the same time.  Junior volunteers work with staff to provide clerical support, patient comfort care, and guest services. Junior volunteers are visible in our main lobby providing directions and are an important part of our hospital transport team, wheeling patients to the main entrance for their discharge from the hospital.

  • Picture yourself delivering the mail delivery throughout the hospital departments?
  • See yourself as a friendly visitor in conversation with a patient, taking the time to listen and engage with them?
  • Want to deliver patient activity packets to patients young and old or provide administrative support in cardiology, human resources, or the Knapp Center?

By aiding our customer service, supporting our staff, easing the experience of your neighbors, you can truly make a difference in someone else’s life. Whether it’s a few hours a week, or many more, we invite you to become a part of our warm, comforting, and courageous health care environment, and become a volunteer at Long Island Community Hospital.

For more information or to join us, call 631-654-7737

If you would like to volunteer, please email the Patient Experience Department at for an application.